Dark Glasses


Dark Glasses 2022

The undisputed master of the giallo genre, Dario Argento, made his magnificent comeback with the bloody and gripping Blind Darkness, which made its world premiere at the Special Gala at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival. The film begins in Rome, as the eclipsed sun darkens and the sky fades on a hot summer day; maybe this darkness is the harbinger of the darkness that will surround Diana, the last hunt of a serial killer. The escort girl trying to escape crashes her car and loses her sight. He overcomes this shock with a urge to survive, but he is no longer alone. Little Chin, who survived the car crash, will defend Diana, will be her eyes. “The Blind Darkness is exactly what it was supposed to be,” says Dario Argento, “so it’s a very intense giallo thriller, but it contains two new elements compared to my previous films: sensuality and compassion.”

Avg: 2.5 / 10
Total: 2
Dark Glasses
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Italy, France
5.3 - tt10935560
Dario Argento
Andrea Gherpelli, Asia Argento, Ilenia Pastorelli
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