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Edge of Tomorrow 2014

The Last Ultimatum is a great action and Science Fiction Film made under the leadership of big names such as Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, director Doug Liman’s film The Edge of Tomorrow, who went behind the camera in such wonderful productions as the man without a past. The American-Australian movie, starring Bill Paxton as the lead, has a great impression of 1 hour and 53 minutes. The magnificent production, which came to our country’s cinemas on July 6, 2014, won the admiration of thousands of spectators, and as a result, it got a score of 8.0/10 with voting points of close to 200 thousand on a big platform like IMDB. Nominated for the best movie in the field of action and science fiction, The Edge of Tomorrow was shot with a very large budget of 178 Million Dollars. After it started to take its place in the big screen halls, it has earned 370 Million Dollars and continues to earn. Science fiction and action fans should definitely not miss this movie, written by Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote the screenplay for movies like Jack Reacher, where action is at its peak! In the future of humanity, disgusting space creatures called Mimics take over the Earth and turn everyone’s life into a nightmare. This alien race, which has destroyed the largest cities in the world, causes human beings to live in fear. No army of the nations existing on earth can keep up with the power and speed of these creatures. More importantly, Mimics do not need to talk like humans, because they communicate with telepathy. All armies on Earth come together and decide to fight against alien creatures. Bill Cage is an officer in the American army and has no experience in wars. After his commander forcibly drags him into battle, the awaited dreadful moment occurs, and Cage dies a few minutes after landing on the battlefield. But something strange happens when he is killed, and his death will actually be his beginning. Every time Officer Cage is killed after that, he returns to the next day and picks up where he left off. Each time he dies and comes back, he will be faster, more agile, and easier to deal with the Mimics army. Although the man who is caught in an incredible cycle cannot figure out exactly what is happening at first, with the help of someone, all events will be clarified and he will better understand what he has to do in the war he is fighting.

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Total: 9
Edge of Tomorrow
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
United States, Canada
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Doug Liman
Bill Paxton, Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise