How I Live Now


How I Live Now 2013

Directed by Kevin Macdonald and written by Jeremy Brock, 2013 film, How I Live Now, is a romantic drama and thriller that was screened in Turkey on May 16, 2014. Its official name has been adopted as I Live With You. At the beginning of the movie, we see young names such as Saoirse Ronan, Tom Holland and George MacKay. The production, which impresses with its 101 minutes of romantic and dramatic scenes, cost 60 million dollars in the UK. The story, which takes place in England in the near future, tells of a young girl Daisy, who came to England for a while to spend the summer vacation with her relatives. Daisy, who came here just to listen to her mind and relax, unexpectedly meets the handsome Edmund of her own age and they start to get close, but their days of love and love will be turned upside down by the war news that the two young people will hear on the television. Nuclear threat events in the European Continent will cause the start of the 3rd World War and England will be one of the countries that want to play a major role in this war. Young lovers, who think that they are living their best days, will try to survive by putting their lives on their teeth from now on…

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How I Live Now
Action, Adventure, Drama
United Kingdom, Canada
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Kevin Macdonald
George MacKay, Saoirse Ronan, Tom Holland