Limitless 2011

Noted as one of the best-selling novels, Glynn’s book was adapted for the big screen in 2011. Our lead actor, Bradley Cooper (Eddie), lives a not-so-bright life in New York City. He lives his life too erratically and besides being a very bad writer. Eddie breaks up with his girlfriend one day and runs into an old friend while walking down the road. From that moment on, Eddie’s life will change forever. An old friend he meets sells them by making very different pills, and Eddie buys some of these pills from his friend. The feature of the pill he takes is that it enables the person who uses it to use his brain in an extraordinary way. Eddie realizes that everything is different after taking this pill, and he can no longer give up this pill, he has become so smart that he now sees the world with a very different eye. Eddie won’t say money for money in a very short time thanks to the intelligence opened by the pill, but the change in his life will open different troubles for him. Contrary to the good side of the pill, it has a very bad side effect and this side effect will not take long to show itself.

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Sci-Fi, Thriller
United States
7.4 - tt1219289
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Neil Burger
Abbie Cornish, Anna Friel, Bradley Cooper
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