Monster Family 2


Monster Family 2 2021

You recently saved the world and thought it would give you a lifetime of happiness? Think again! Everyday life has a bad tendency to bring you back to earth. One year after the happy ending of Happy Beast Family, the Wishbone Family struggles with their various shortcomings. Our son, Max, is the youngest and most bespectacled boy in eighth grade, and all the girls in his class are at least a head taller than him and make fun of him. Except for our daughter Fay, all her friends are talented in at least one thing. Mother Emma tries to help her children, but her advice is ignored at best and often seriously angers them. Then there’s Father Frank, whose happiness at his new job and more relaxed lifestyle is devastated when he sees his family around him so unhappy. The good news is that the wedding of the Wishbone family’s spiritual grandmother, witch Baba Yaga, and hunchbacked butler Renfield will bring the family together.

Avg: 8 / 10
Total: 4
Monster Family 2
Animation, Comedy, Family
Germany, United Kingdom
4.6 - tt15096796
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Holger Tappe
Emily Carey, Jason Isaacs, Rainer Fritzsche
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