Ninja: Shadow of a Tear


Ninja: Shadow of a Tear 2013

Ninja’s Shadow of a Tear, a US production of crime, action and thriller, is directed by experienced director Isaac Florentine. In the film, in which the story of David N. White and Michael Hurst is handled, Scott Adkins, whom we know from the movie The Expendables 2, and our main character, Kane Kosugi and Mika Hijii shared the lead roles. The film, which was screened for the first time in Vietnam on December 27, 2013, received a rating of 6.2 from IMDB. Casey, a master of martial arts, becomes distrustful of anyone around him after his wife is killed, and he burns with a vengeance. Traveling to many countries to find the brutal murderer who killed his wife, Casey finally finds some clues as to how he killed his victims. Now his target is Gora, who secretly manufactures drugs in the depths of a forest and makes people suffer all the time. However, when Casey says she found what she was looking for, she realizes that she is after the wrong thing and gets into a much bigger struggle.

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Ninja: Shadow of a Tear
Action, Thriller
Thailand, United States
6.2 - tt2458106
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Isaac Florentine
Kane Kosugi, Mika Hijii, Scott Adkins
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