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Project X 2012

Project X, a youth movie full of madness, is a movie that has not been released in Turkey yet, but when it was screened in American movie theaters on March 2, 2012, it was a movie that was watched by young people a lot. Project X, which includes comedy and crime elements, proves that it is a quality production with a successful score of 6.7 from IMDB. Although it is shown that the film is kept very short as a negative aspect, it seems to be sufficient in 88 minutes. Nima Nourizadeh, who directed the movie, and the script belongs to Matt Drake. Project X has very young names in the lead roles. These are Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper and Jonathan Daniel Brown. The movie, which was completed with a budget of 12 million dollars until the day the shooting starts and ends, to be released, has been recorded as 102 million dollars after its release. The distribution of the film is Warner Bros. The name Project X was thought to not attract much attention before it was released, but the name was not abandoned, and it was quite successful with this name, which left a mysterious impression. Then the rights to protection of the name were taken. Care was taken to ensure that the actors in the film were not particularly master actors. All players are people who have just graduated and just started their careers. Thus, it was thought that the movie would give the impression of a real party. Two-thirds of the film was shot with an amateur handheld camera, and there are even images taken with a mobile phone. There are many positive opinions about the movie, which has been shown as an inspiration for youth films that have been released so far and will be released in the future. Thomas, a lame teenager and an introvert, prepares to throw a party with his friends to raise their awareness at school. Thomas’ friend Costa is a disconnected teenager and he organizes the entire party. But they can’t find a suitable place to party. Thomas’ family decides to move out of town for a few days, leaving Thomas alone at home. Costa says they can have the party at home, but Thomas doesn’t take kindly to it, but accepts Costa’s idea as they can’t find any other way. Costa started to invite everyone outside of school and school to the party in every way he could and could do. Thomas personally invites the young girl named Kirby, whom he likes very much, and she accepts the invitation. When the day of the party comes, Thomas is worried that no one will come, but in the following hours, suddenly there is a flow towards the house and an incredible crowd surrounds the house and the house. This will be such a party that no party has ever been so crowded and disconnected. Later in the night, while everyone is having fun like crazy, after a while the party gets out of hand and it becomes more difficult to control the events. The house and garden are destroyed by the party that got out of control, but Thomas is now caught in the rhythm of the party and has left everything to chance. As things heat up, Thomas starts to get scared and has to find a solution and is about to get into trouble with the cops. Those who enjoy such films should definitely watch Project X, which is shown as one of the best youth films of 2012.

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Project X
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Nima Nourizadeh
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