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The Bucket List 2007

The movie Now or Never, which entered the world of film with the 2007 production of the Hollywood Special on December 15, was directed by Rob Reiner and has a score of 7.4 with an audience of 162,514 people voting on IMDB so far. The story, brought to life by Justin Zackham, features famous names such as Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman and Sean Hayes. With a watch time of 97 minutes, Now or Never was produced as a Drama, Adventure and Comedy production with a budget of 45 million dollars and grossed more than 175 million dollars until the closing of the box office. The most important common point of the two old men in the movie, which is about the struggle of two people from two different lives with cancer in the same hospital, is that they are aware of the reality of the bad situation they live in, but there are more things they could not do and want to do in their lives. Even though the two buddies aren’t very close to each other at first, they later become close friends and make a list of things they can’t do in life. Now all that’s left is to get going and thus do the things on the list and reach a happy and peaceful ending. You should definitely watch this meaningful journey…

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The Bucket List
Adventure, Comedy, Drama
United States
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Rob Reiner
Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Hayes