The Croods


The Croods 2013

The Croods are an ancient family, and they’re pretty backwards. They are afraid of going out in public or wondering about other places. The houses they live in, namely their caves, will be destroyed by an earthquake one day and they have to leave from there. Led by the head of the family, Grug, the Crood family is about to embark on an adventurous journey. Now homeless, the Croods must find a new safe place to settle down. But they will embark on an adventurous adventure with interesting events during their journeys. They will be confronted with the real World they have never seen before, and this will surprise and frighten them at the same time. They are not used to this world they see and they start to wonder about certain things. Moreover, they encounter Guy, a traveler who knows very well this World where the Croods are foreign. Guy is always on the move, inventing, and has a very curious personality, but is also very intelligent. Guy and Eep, the eldest daughter of the Crood family, develop a rapprochement, and Grug, the head of the family, becomes jealous of his daughter. Guy knows how to make a fire, and the Crood family, who don’t know what fire is, saw it for the first time. Guy Crood will change the lives of his family quite a lot. This great animated adventure and comedy movie is made as a movie for your family.

Avg: 8 / 10
Total: 6
The Croods
Adventure, Animation, Comedy
United States
7.2 - tt0481499
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Kirk DeMicco, Chris Sanders
Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds
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