The Lazarus Effect


The Lazarus Effect 2015

The Lazarus film, in which David Gelb, who has become famous among young American directors, sat behind the camera and started shooting in 2014, takes its place in movie theaters on February 20, 2015. In front of the camera of the story spilling out from the hands of Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater, we watch the young actor Evan Peters, who is in X-Men Days of Future Past. On the other hand, we think that there are many viewers who would be happy to see Sarah Bolger and the beautiful Olivia Wilde in the lead roles. You will experience tension-filled moments while watching the production, which is a thriller-type movie. A few scientists are working on a project in their private laboratory where they are looking for a way to resurrect dead bodies. However, the whole work is turned upside down when the secret project carried out by the team reaches the ears of the dean of the university where they continue their studies. The dean terminates the project and all kinds of documents related to the project are taken from them without question. The team is not happy at all that all their efforts have gone to waste, and they have no intention of giving up. Things go a little wrong for the team, which starts working to put the experiments they are about to work on again into practice, and Zoe, among them, dies. Zoe’s death shocks everyone in the team, and at Frank’s insistence, they decide to try the experiment on a real person. Deciding to experiment on Zoe, the team manages to bring the young woman back to life, but she is no longer the old Zoe!

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The Lazarus Effect
Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi
United States
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David Gelb
Evan Peters, Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde