The We and the I


The We and the I 2012

Drama is a film directed and written by Michel Gondry, shot in the United States and England. The production, which managed to get very good marks by the critics, stars young names such as Michael Brodie, Teresa Lynn and Raymond Delgado. It is about the time spent on the school bus by a group of young high school students who go to and from their school every day, and the joyful and sad moments experienced on the last return trip when school is over. Released during the Cannes film festival in 2012, the movie We and Me received dozens of positive comments, as it deals with joy, sadness, pain, jokes, everything about life and youth. If you want to see the most valuable form of friendship in the latest film of Michel Gondry, who managed to be loved by everyone with the films he made, this film is for you.

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The We and the I
United Kingdom, United States, France
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Michel Gondry
Francesca Pinto, Michael Brodie, Teresa Lynn
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