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Tiger Eyes 2012

Kaplan Gözler, which did not come to Turkish movie theaters, was released in the US on July 7, 2013 and received positive reviews as a drama film. Lawrence Blume sits in the director’s chair of Tiger Eyes, which has a duration of 92 minutes. Written by Judy Blume, the film manages to make its mark among the best drama films with a score of 6.3 from IMDB. The film, which was shot in the United States, stars Willa Holland, whom we know from the TV series Arrow, as well as Amy Jo Johnson and Tatanka Means. The movie, which cost only 27 thousand dollars, earned a revenue of 1 million dollars in the first week of its release. A 17-year-old young girl named Davey has lost her father, so she and her family have to move constantly. His mother cannot forget his father’s pain. The young girl, who has recently moved to Los Alamos, can no longer bear the constant relocations, and this situation depresses her very much. Davey, who has to adapt to the new environment and make new friends every time they move, loses communication with his previous friends when he comes to the last place they moved. The young girl, who is no longer living, starts to get harder, but soon she meets a young man her age while strolling in the Canyons, and this young man from Alamos will change Davey’s life completely.

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Tiger Eyes
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Lawrence Blume
Amy Jo Johnson, Gwen Goldsmith, Willa Holland
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