Total Recall


Total Recall 2012

He is a normal person, a young man named Douglas Quaid, who spends his life with his wife, whom he loves very much, but also works as a worker in a factory like every ordinary person. Douglas is very happy with his life and the reason for happiness is his wife, whom he loves very much. But he somehow feels that something is missing in his life. Set in a much later time than today, Douglas wants to spend an evening with a simulation machine used to entertain people. But something goes wrong and he learns that he is actually a spy. As Douglas slowly regains his memory, he becomes aware of everything. Even his beloved wife will want to kill him and will chase him. With the pursuit of not only his wife, but also all state officials, his life will suddenly turn upside down and he will now have to learn the whole truth. Difficult days are waiting for Douglas, who is in a dilemma with the life he lives and the life that appears in his memory.

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Total Recall
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
United States, Canada
6.2 - tt1386703
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Len Wiseman
Bokeem Woodbine, Bryan Cranston, Colin Farrell
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